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Metallographic test

金相显微镜 Test Item Metallographic test
Purpose Observation of metal structure and grain size distribution
Test Range Metals and alloys
    Metallographic analysis is one of the important means of the metal material research, using quantitative metallography principle, measurement and calculation of microstructure of grinding surface or thin film by two-dimensional metallographic specimen to determine the three-dimensional morphology of the microstructure of the alloy, so as to establish the quantitative relationship between microstructure and properties of alloy composition, the。 The image processing system is applied to the metallographic analysis, with the advantages of high accuracy, fast speed, etc。, it can greatly improve the working efficiency。
   Key test items are as follows

点击查看Click View microstructural

点击查看Click View Non metallic inclusion  

点击查看Click View mean grain size

点击查看Click View macrostructure

点击查看Click View fracture examination

Click View Film coating (field)

Click View Steel material

点击查看Click View Cast iron

点击查看Click View Titanium alloy

点击查看Click View Nickel based alloy

点击查看Click View Aluminum alloy

点击查看Click View Copper alloy

点击查看Click View Welding part

点击查看Click View Powder metallurgy

   The main testing equipment and instruments are as follows

Inverted optical microscope (which can be connected with a computer)
Table optical microscope (which can be connected with computer)
Portable optical microscope (which can be connected with a computer)

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