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Uniform corrosion

腐蚀试验晶间腐蚀试验 Test Item Uniform corrosion
Purpose Analy corrosion resistance of the sample
Test Period T+3 working days
Test Range All kinds of metal, metal alloy。
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Uniform corrosion also known as total corrosion, refers to the entire metal surface almost at the same rate of total corrosion, from the weight, uniform corrosion represents the maximum damage to the metal corrosion.
Test: A) used to predict whether a product can be used, such as a reaction kettle, pipe, and the service life can be calculated by the design time. B) industrial cleaning industry, the corrosion rate of the cleaning solution is small, and it can be seen that the cleaning liquid is in accordance with the requirements of the cleaning solution.
   Uniform corrosion test method
Uniform corrosion test method
Uniform corrosion test method: full immersion test, semi immersion test, immersion test, dynamic immersion test, high temperature and high pressure test, temperature difference corrosion test.
Chemical immersion test is one of the methods of uniform corrosion test for metal. The metal material is made into a sample of a specific shape and size, and is immersed in a selected medium for a period of time. After removal, the corrosion behavior and corrosion resistance of metallic materials are evaluated by weighing, measuring the depth of the corrosion hole, investigating the mechanical properties and analyzing the solution composition. According to the relative position of the test piece and the solution, the whole immersion test (test piece is immersed in solution), half immersion test (test piece partial immersion solution), and the immersion test (intermittent).
The total immersion test is a test piece completely immersed in solution. This method is simple and reproducible. In the laboratory test, it can control all kinds of influence factors (such as aeration, temperature and flow rate), and can be used to simulate test and speed test.
Semi submerged immersion test method is sample half immersed in corrosive medium, the other half dew in the upper surface of the gas phase, semi immersion test, also known as the waterline corrosion test。 Metal containers of corrosive medium, usually the water damage。 Semi immersion test in China has not yet been set up standards, can refer to the standard recommended by the United States NACE multi purpose immersion test device
The immersion test was conducted in the test solution for a certain period of time, and then put forward the liquid surface to dry, so that the corrosion test carried out by the repeated operation. The experimental test is a kind of accelerated test. Tidewater fluctuation caused by tidal range with corrosion and shock waves, intermittent rain, condensation and drying alternate state and chemical container solution movement and storage tank liquid level fluctuation will cause the immersion corrosion.
Test plan
Test standard
Test period
Uniform corrosion
Laboratory coupon testing

T+3 working days  
   Test method and standard
       ♦ Methods of acid etch test for longitudinal macro - Structures of heat - Resisting superalloy bars (GB/T 14999.1-1994)
       ♦ Methods of acid etch test for transvese macro-structures of heat-resisting superalloys (GB/T 14999.2-1994)
       ♦ Steel products-Method for ecth test of tower sample (GB/T 15711-1995)
       ♦ Sustained load tensile test method of metals for resistance to sulfide stress corrosion cracking (GB 4157-1984)
       ♦ Stainless steels—Method of copper sulphate-Sulphuric acid corrosion test (GB 5776-1986)
       ♦ Uniform corrosion test method for metallic materials (GB 10124-1988)
       ♦ Corrosion tests in artificial atmospheres--Salt spray tests(SS tests) (GB 10125-1988)
       ♦ Stress corrosion test method of Fe Cr Ni alloy in high temperature water (GB 10126-1988
   Test time prediction
Estimate or predict the corrosion rate (mm/a) Test time Replacement solution
>0.1 24~72 NO
1。0~0。1 72~168 NO
0.1~0.01 168~336 About 7 days to replace 1 times
<0。01 336~720 About 7 days to replace 1 times
Note: the prediction time is 24h, the solution is 20mL/cm³, the most commonly used test time is48h~168h
   Test sample

   Test report content reference

The test report shall include the following:
A) grade (symbol), chemical composition and state of the sample material;
B) test solution composition, temperature and test time;
In the c test, the phenomenon and corrosion rate;
Cleaning method for corrosion products on the sample of d;
E) corrosion rate or increasing corrosion rate;
F) to specify the circumstances of the notes;
G) the operation and verification of the signature of the personnel;
H) report date.

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