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Salt Spray Test

盐雾试验 Test Item Salt Spray Test
Purpose Analy corrosion resistance of the sample
Test Period T+2 working days
Test Range All kinds of metal, metal alloy.
The Cost For details, please call hotline 0510-82605847
Salt spray test can be used to evaluate the corrosion resistance of metal materials and cover layer. The tested object can be either permanent or temporary corrosion resistance, and it can be without permanent or temporary anti corrosive performance;
Salt spray test is suitable for the detection of metal and its alloy, metal coating, organic coating, anodic oxide film and film, such as porosity and its defects;
Salt spray test is suitable for the performance of metal materials with or without corrosion protection.
   Test method and standard
Test plan
Test standard
Test period
Neutral Salt Spray

ASTM B117-11
EN ISO 9227-2012
JIS Z2371-2000
T+2 working days

Sample requirements: size <1m x 1m x 1m, weight <50Kg
Test parameters: solution, pH value, temperature, salt spray deposition
Evaluation standard: GB/T 6461-2002 ISO 1462-1973
Evaluation method: weight loss, corrosion time, appearance, corrosion area, corrosion depth evaluation

Acid Salt Spray

ASTM G85-11
EN ISO 9227-2012
JIS Z2371-2000
Copper Accelerated Acetic

ASTM B368-2009
EN ISO 9227-2012
JIS Z2371-2000
Alkali salt spray
Customer specified conditions
Paints and Varnishes - Determination of Resistance to Neutral Salt Spray (fog)
GB/T 1771-2007
T+2 working days
This standard is to detect the corrosion resistance of varnish and color paint, please contact our standard test plate according to GB/T 9271.
Environmental Testing - Part 2: Test methods - Test Kb: Salt Mist, Cyclic (Sodium Chloride Solution)
GB/T 2423.18-2012
level 1:31 days
level 2:7 days
level 3:11 days
level 4:18 days
level 5:31 days
level 6:60 days
Sample requirements: size <1m x 1m x 1m, weight <50Kg
Envrionmental Testing for Electric and Electronic Products - Part 2: Test Method - Test Ka: Salt Mist
T+2 working days
Sample requirements: size <1m x 1m x 1m
   Test condition
Test condition Neutral Salt Spray) Acid Salt Spray Copper Accelerated Acetic
Temperature 35℃±2℃ 35℃±2℃ 50℃±2℃
The average sedimentation rate of 80cm² 1.5mL/h±0.5mL/h
Concentration of NaCl solution (collection solution) 50g/L±5g/L
pH value 6.5~7.2 3.1~3.3 3.1~3.3
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