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Crevice corrosion

盐雾试验 Test Item Crevice corrosion
Purpose Analy corrosion resistance of the sample
Test Period 3-5 working days
Test Range All kinds of metal, metal alloy。
The Cost For details, please call hotline 0510-82605847

Point corrosion is that most of the surface of the metal material is not corrosive or corrosion, and the local corrosion occurred. The average pore size is less than 1mm, and the depth is less than the aperture. Stainless steel in the environment containing the Cl prone to corrosion prone.

   Test method and standard
Test plan
Test standard
Test period
Method of Pitting Potential Measurement for Stainless Steels 5-7 working days  
Test of pitting corrosion resistance of stainless steels in the ferric chloride solution 5-7 working days Temperature:35℃、50℃ or customize
Time:24h or customize
Ferric chloride crevice corrosion test of stainless steels 2002 5-7 working days Temperature:22℃、35℃、50℃ or customize
Time:24h、72h or customize
Stainless steels--Method of electrochemical test for crevice corrosion 5-7 working days  
   Sample requirements

Crevice corrosion sample size requirements: length 50mm, width 25mm, thickness of the actual thickness, preferably 2~3mm. The surface of the sample must be flat.
Point corrosion sample size requirements: length 50mm, width 25mm, thickness of the actual thickness, or custom size.

   Test evaluation

Pitting potential: pitting potential
Corrosion: corrosion, surface morphology, corrosion depth
Crevice corrosion: weight loss corrosion rate,
Crevice corrosion: corrosion potential, polarization current versus time curve, corrosion observation

   Test sample


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