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NACE MR0175 Corrosion Test

Project Name

NACE MR0175 Corrosion Test

Test Purpose

Standard for guiding the selection of materials in acid oil and gas field development

Test Object

Anti-cracking carbon steel, low alloy, cast iron, corrosion resistant alloys and other alloys for the development of acid oil and gas fields

   Project Introduction

    NACE MR0175 《Petroleum and natural gas industries - Materials for use in H2S-containing environments in oil and gas production》 is a special standard on the corrosion problem in H2S-containing environments in oil and gas production, which was jointly issued by the National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE). This standard consists of three parts:

Part 1: General principles for selection of cracking-resistant materials;

Part 2: Cracking-resistant carbon and low-alloy steels, and the use of cast irons;

Part 3: Cracking-resistant CRAs (corrosion-resistant alloys) and other alloys;


Test Methods and Standards

    The three ways of materials selection of carbon steel, low-alloy steel and corrosion resistant alloy are given in NACE MR0175:

① Select materials according to the recommended table of standard;

② Select materials according to field experience;

③ Select materials according to laboratory tests;

Laboratory tests of SSC and HIC are generally based on the standard NACE TM0177 and NACE TM0284.


 Test Equipment






   Service process
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