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Jiangsu Rongda Material Corrosion Inspection Co., Ltd. is a professional engaged in product testing and certification services, with sophisticated detection equipment and professional team of engineers, has achieved National Laboratory Accreditation


At present, we have more than 12000 enterprises and institutions to provide professional testing and certification services, and won the praise of customers! Focus, professional, efficient, and want to customers, so that we have the opportunity to grow together with customers!


We know: 'Empty Sea, tolerance is a great', blind self-confidence, will only let us come to a standstill, 2014, the company introduced the corrosion test project, and the project is optimized, the positive detection of customized personalized solutions, to help enterprises solve the problem. We are willing to grow with the enterprise, your satisfaction is our greatest power!


Service Idea :
Empty Sea, tolerance is a great


Quality Policy :
Science, Justice, Innovation, Efficient。


Laboratory Qualification:


Company Honor:

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